The Restoration  Community Dance Ministry is a ministry after God's own heart.  Just like bibical worshippers, Joshua, Gideon and David. 
1 Peter 2:9 said's, that God desires the praises of His people.  When we learn to praise God, we take our eyes off ourselves and our praises usher us into His presence.

Destined to teach people of all ages to submit themselves in mind, body and spirit to Jesus Christ their Lord.

The Restoration Community Praise and Dance Ministry is an organization formed in January 2001 by Founder  Sonja Edwards under the direction of Almighty God.   Sonja is using the gifts God has given her to praise dance as a means of outreach to help the young and mature in our communities.  Ultimately, the goal is to continuously glorify and edify the Lord through the art of worship through dance.  The dance ministry includes the youth and adults from different churches in the Fredericksburg area.  This group started out as a vision and a prayer.  But through God’s grace, it became a reality.  It has really been a blessing.  Not only have we ministered to other people, but this has also helped each and every one of us to have a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.
Restoration is a ministry that introduces dance as a part of worship.  Our goal is to build community among dancers through new means of worship through dance.  We come together as Christians to present this form of worship to churches and different community functions.